130cm x 120cm 2017

STORM ON THE SEA mixed media

100cm x 73cm 2017

TIME LAPSE 1 mixed media

110cm x 120cm 2017

TIME LAPSE 2 mixed media

120cm x 110cm 2017

Land, mixed media

63cmx60cm 2017

SKY BOOK mixed media

60cm x 80cm 2016

LOVE WISH CLOUDS mixed media

45cm x 60cm 2016 

DON´T EVEN ASK  mixed media

150cm x 140cm 2016

private collection

WHITE CIRCLE  mixed media

130cm x 89cm 2016

FALL  mixed media

140cm x 130cm 2016

private collection

Study of  the Skies mixed media

28cmx35cm 2015

AT THE CLOUDS  mixed media

73cm x 89cm 2015

SKY OBSERVER  mixed media

130cm x 140cm 2016

private collection

SOFIA acrylic and Charcoal

75cm x 50cm 2015

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