SHIVA PASS mixed media 2019

1120cm x 110cm 2016

About my painting

My paintings are about exploring the unknown nature. My painting process is expressive, juizy and intense. Spectacular archaic vistas has emerged in my paintings lately. They are like ”stories” and sensations about places in unknown time in this mysterious universe. In my previous works I have found comprehensive and contemporary forms to express those sensations. My painting technic is instant expressive - crossover between figurative, organic colour painting. Although I use colours very carefully and in extreme details.

"Mikko Juhani Kirjavainen´s painting is experimental and has strong colors. His approach to contemporary painting is juicy and has surprising elements". I have observed Mikko Kirjavainens artistic career since I was headmaster during his studies in Finnish Academy of Fine Art. His private exhibitions has shown continuum and rebirth of character. He has brought to our collection of materials many - sided mastery of paintings over transparent acrylic. His new discovery is tar and chalk expressions. Beside he is artist he is also performance artist, musician, lyric. A real multiartist. And plus he is also about to graduate as Innovation Consultant. The most significant character In his painting expressions is multi interpretative. His abstractions are organic and lyrical. Lyricism has been characteristic to all his art work from the beginning".  

Outi Heiskanen, Academic, Artist


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